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Wendy Kelly
Wendy Kelly

This is admitedly a quick blog post to see how it feels to post using markdown in this space. I changed out the font and a few other things in Visual Studio Code but honestly, it still feels a bit stited. Am I really the only person who feels this way? I would love to meet my tribe — people who are comfortable with the command line but also prefer to create and write in an editor...a CMS...I can't be alone in this. It's a simple comfort thing. Sheesh.

So - awhile back I started a project I named Underbelly. I started writing newsletters once a week, and the feedback I got was encouraging. I kept going, adding in a podcast, a few courses, and booklists - the idea being, here are lists of books you might want to read if you feel in need of self care, or reflection, or whatever.

The Project Grows...

Life took a bit of a turn as covid intensified our lives. I kept putting out newsletters but I had to pause the podcast for a bit because things were a bit chaotic and I couldn't know that I would have a solid few hours to devote to the podcast each week.

I began to realize that this project was more important than I expected it to be. As I wrote each newsletter, I realized it really is my gift to the world. A long time ago, I had a therapy session with this lovely Episcopal priest and poet in Oregon. I ended up visualizing the words Create / Give Back in blue and yellow text. I believe that this project is my "Create /Give Back"